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Hamilton Reach - The Keelson

Challenge: To create a new identity for a collection of exclusive river villas which form part of the wider Hamilton Reach community for property developer Australand without taking away from the core brand.

The SMART idea: Create a new brand tone for The Keelson that is elevated above the overall development to reflect the premium nature of the offering whilst utilising various elements of the original design.

Impact: The Keelson River Villas have been extremely well received by the market. Released on the 1st of May, 10 out of 12 were sold within the 3 week pre-release period with an additional sale early July 2013.

Website: hamiltonreachliving.com.au

The Keelson River Villas Brochure and BoxThe Keelson River Villas BrochureThe Keelson River Villas Brochure

The Keelson River Villas BrochureThe Keelson River Villas Direct Mail PieceThe Keelson River Villas BillboardThe Keelson River Villas Website