Nature's Organics

Organic Care Campaign

Task/Challenge: ‘Organic Care’ by Nature's Organics is a shampoo and conditioner brand that is 100% natural and biodegradable, right down to the bottles they’re packaged in which are made from cornstarch. It’s an incredible product, but because of its natural and organic nature, consumers don’t associate it with effectiveness. This combined with its low price point conspires to give the impression that it’s not as good as its salon-tested competitors.

The SMART idea: Previous creative campaigns for this brand spoke exclusively about the products environmental friendliness, but this only contributed to the problem mentioned above.

Our SMART idea was to liberate the brand from a primary environmental message. The resulting 60 second launch TVC features 3 incredible beauties in equally beautiful, natural environments. Shot very much in that ‘traditional big shampoo brand style’ we’ll link proper salon results, to the power and beauty of the environment, which is still very much a part of the brands DNA.

Impact: The campaign launched in August 2013.