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Quit Smoking Campaign for Regional Queensland

Task/Challenge: In 2011, SMART were commissioned to adapt Pfizer’s national ‘Open The Door To Quitting’ campaign to connect with a regional Queensland market and encourage people to see their doctor.

The SMART Idea: SMART developed a new tone and visual narrative that was designed to encourage casual conversation between friends, family and colleagues. This was achieved through the use of dynamic, engaging copy and key local industry imagery to convey the relationship between people in a smaller community.

Impact: The creative campaign was extremely well received in the regional Queensland market and ran in Bundaberg, South Brisbane, Hervey Bay and the Gold Coast at different times over a period of 18 months with slight adjustments based on the current national campaign. A series of ads were designed to promote screening days at shopping centres in conjunction with PR, press, activation as well as posters and coasters distributed throughout local pubs. The screening days were well attended rendering the campaign a great success.

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