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LX Receivers Campaign

Task/Challenge: LX Receivers are the Rolls Royce of the Pioneer range. This has meant that many of the previous advertising campaigns around the receivers had focused on the technical aspects of the product. As a result the previous campaigns have suffered from a lack of engagement in their core market of guys aged 25 – 45. This highly detailed advertising was great for tech geeks, but not so good for guys who want a super luxurious sound and have the money burning a hole in their pocket.

The SMART Idea: In seeking to find a medium from which we could launch the new advertising campaign for LX, an opportunity presented itself to take the back cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Our SMART idea was to prepare a piece of emotive and engaging advertising that would do justice to the back cover. And so, DeLXury was born. If the LX receiver is the ‘deluxe’ way to listen to ‘luxurious’ sound, then let’s express this with some smashing work by photographer Chris Tovo in a rock star location.

Impact: The advertisement appears in the September edition of Rolling Stone. What’s genuinely exciting however is the enthusiasm by which the campaign positioning has been taken up by the client’s sales network. Getting this team on board across the country is an important step in the creative campaign’s continuing success.

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