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Whitsunday Apartments Hamilton Island

Full Service Social Media, Website Development, Digital Marketing & Creative Campaigns

Challenge: We have been Whitsunday Apartments Hamilton Island's (WAHI) full service agency since 2012, performing full service social media, website development, digital marketing and creative campaigns for the holiday destination. Our challenge was to increase occupancy and create an authentic representation of the product through primarily online media channels. 

The SMART idea: The experience of a WAHI holiday can't be captured in words. It is truly an entire sensory experience. We needed to harness the 'feeling' of WAHI and take it to our potential guests. Our content strategy was to create highly emotive, visual content that perfectly presented the WAHI holiday experience. 

Impact: From mid 2012 - mid 2015, occupancy has increased by 34% and revenue has increased by 49.9%.

We have built WAHI's digital audiences from 0 to 13,458 (Facebook), remarketing (79,000) and email (12,500) with minimal budget.

Social media has consistently been a key element of our digital marketing strategy and is an important referrer to the WAHI website. Our social media strategy involves publishing engaging, high quality content combined with a highly targeted advertising strategy to achieve an average growth rate of 20% per month.

We also perform search engine marketing, remarketing and regular eDM sends for WAHI. Our highly targeted PPC campaigns consistently drive high volumes to the website, with users spending up to 16 minutes viewing up to 19 pages on the site after clicking on a Google ad. 

The reponsive website launched in September 2015 as well as an online video campaign that we filmed and produced in house.

Social Media Content Creation: Video

Social Media Content Creation: Stills

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EDM Templates, Content Creation and Management

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Website Re-Design and Development

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Full Service Social including Advertising, SEM, Remarketing and Content Creation

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We have engaged the services of Smart for the Whitsunday Apartments, Hamilton Island, over the past 4 years, with a brief that covered off website design and build, as well as digital marketing, social communications and campaigns. Smart’s ability to provide professional services, expert advice and timely delivery of projects with measurable outcomes has been invaluable to our business. The most powerful recommendation we can make for Smart is that we will continue to use their services into the future as a valued extension of our business.

John McFadden
Tourism Operational Management