Ryan Clayton and Tim O'Shea

Team Tryan joins SMART

New creative guns start in Melbourne

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

It’s not everyday that you’re asked to write your own bio. However on their first day at SMART Tim and Ryan were asked to knock up a few words about themselves. What followed was a week of hair pulling frustration, pained keystrokes and an overworked backspace button.

The truth is, Ryan and Tim would much rather work on ads than talk about themselves. So instead, we had to Facebook stalk them and come up with our own bio. Here’s what we worked out.

Ryan looks really good in a suit, he wore one to just about everyday of the Spring Racing Carnival.

Tim enjoys a loud shirt.

Ryan met Lleyton Hewitt.

Tim has interviewed quite a few famous DJs that we’ve never heard of.

Ryan can run a very long way in quite a reasonable time (and he seems to enjoy it).

Tim doesn’t run, he’d rather ride a bike.

Ryan was really upset about the last episode of Breaking Bad.

Tim was really upset about the last episode of Breaking Bad.

Ryan has recently picked up the bass.

Tim also picked up the bass, he put it back down after deciding it seemed too difficult and stuck to DJing.

Tim still loves Kanye West.

Ryan thinks that love is a strong word, but he’s still a Kanye fan.