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Brands Gone Wild

Flashback Friday

Friday, 14 November 2014

Kim Kardashian #broketheinternet this week when her famous derriere appeared on the cover of Paper Magazine in all its natural glory.

To us, the photo looked strangely familiar, and we couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t because she’s posted racy photos before, this was something different. All of a sudden, it clicked. The cover bears a striking resemblance to the winner of a campaign we created in 2008 for mX.  

News Limited’s mX publication is daring, risqué, not afraid to push the boundaries.  

News Limited commissioned to SMART to create a campaign to appeal to advertisers and encourage them to take advantage of mX’s unique offering as an advertising medium with a primarily Gen X and Gen Y readership.

The Brands Gone Wild campaign challenged creatives from Australia’s leading advertising and creative agencies to submit their wildest advertising ideas for publication in mX. Nothing was off limits. The idea behind the campaign was that sometimes, brands need to go a little wild, and mX was the perfect platform to do so.

The viral campaign was rolled out across print and online and included a video that was sent to 600 key creatives. The video featured a packet of Crispy Flakes going wild on the Gold Coast, downing shots, snorting caster sugar, partying at a strip club and generally participating in shenanigans.

The campaign was a success, receiving over 4,000 website hits. 18 creative agencies submitted work, with the Sunny Queen Farms' ‘Eggs, au naturel’ campaign awarded first prize and all five shortlisted campaigns published for free. 

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Image sources: Campaign Brief