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Christmas Gift Guide for Grinches

10 Delightfully Bad Christmas Gifts

Monday, 1 December 2014

Ah Christmas. It’s that special time of year where retailers go a little bit crazy bustling for your hard-earned Christmas cash and go to great lengths to convince you that their miscellaneous product or service would make the PERFECT Christmas gift for your son/mother/significant other.

And sure, there are some fail-safe gift guides; this is not one of those guides. This year, we’ve compiled our own list of fabulous gifts to save you from the horror of that frantic last minute dash through the stores. Some of these may or may not have been inspired by real life gifts we’ve received.


Christmas is inherently expensive. But if you’d rather drop dough on things other than your office secret Santa, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve collected some grouse gifts for under 15 big ones.

A pooping reindeer.

Because who doesn’t want to eat suspicious pellet-like granules of sugar? No one, that’s who! Perfect for work peeps and your diabetic Aunty. Hurry though, at time of writing there was only 9 left in stock. WHY ARE YOU STILL READING? Get buying.

A paperweight.

Because not nearly enough weight (get it) is given to taking precautions against those hazardous slip streams when someone opens the office door unexpectedly. Plus, as a proud new owner of a paperweight, your office BFF can join The Paperweight Collectors Association Club. You’re welcome, friend.

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Give the gift of generosity this Christmas with a great range of gifts for under 35 bones.

The Jumpin’ Banana Doody Head Velcro Cap Poo Flinging Game.

Life is complete now that you know this exists. Complete with 2 hats and 3 doodies.

A Super-Wide Angle Phone Camera Lens.

To the untrained eye this may look like a magnifying glass on a bulldog clip BUT for those ‘grammers among us, it represents ENDLESS POSSIBILITY! Bid adieu to personal space invaders with this Super-Wide Angle Lens.

A Beardhead.

For the hipster who can’t quite manage the facial fuzz of a wildebeest. He’ll fit right in at the craft beer hostelry musing about his favourite band that haven’t formed yet.

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3D Deco Superhero Wall Lights.

Don’t be fooled, these bad boys aren’t just for children - they’re great for people of all ages. ESPECIALLY those who appreciate wall art. They’ll love a gigantic Hulk head emerging from their bedroom wall. Who wouldn’t?

A Santakini.

Bring sexy back in a festive way with this special little number. This saucy spandex suit is super stretchy so it eliminates that pesky size conundrum. It also includes a matching hat. Because you know, fashion.


Hey big spender! You’re talking some serious moolah. Here are some fab gifts worthy of your generosity.

A Snoopy Waffle Maker.

Give the gift of happiness this Christmas with this definitely-not-pointless Peanuts-themed Waffle maker. Honestly, who could ever get sick of Snoopy Waffles?

A Unicycle.

Because we’re all just carni folk at heart. Sadly this was a limited Aldi special. Still a great gift idea though. You might be able to pick yourself up a sweet second hand wheel from Gumtree.

Matching Holiday Sweatshirts

Perfect for those couples you know that insist on dressing like siblings. Let them know that their efforts are not going unnoticed and give them matching holiday cardigans so they can take some sweet ironic snaps for their instys.

As the saying goes, ‘tis far better to give than receive, unless of course you’re on the receiving end of one of these beauties.

What’s the most unusual gift you’ve received? Head over to our Facebook to share the love.

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