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Boonie, Booze and the Adolescent Brain

Flashback Friday

Friday, 28 February 2014

When it comes to drinking, sometimes Aussies can be a few stubbies short of a six pack.

When a former Prime Minister downs a beer in 10 seconds and a cricket legend (who is, let’s face it, probably more well-known than any of our PMs), sets a record for drinking 52 beers on a flight, Australia’s drinking culture speaks for itself.

When new research emerged showing alcohol can cause lasting damage to the growing adolescent brain, the time had come to stop pulling the wool over our eyes and get the facts.

With politicians and sporting heroes glorifying alcohol, Drinkwise faced an enormous challenge trying to get parents to keep their kids away from the booze. SMART’s “When You Think They’re Ready – Think Again” campaign helped parents see and think about the issue of adolescent drinking without using shock or scare tactics. The integrated campaign ran on TV, online, outdoors and even on pizza boxes, encouraging parents to get the facts and rethink the time and location of their kid’s first drink. Campaign elements directed parents to, where they could get all the information on the short and long term effects of alcohol.

The campaign received extensive media coverage, a great outcome for a campaign focused on long generational change.

You might remember seeing the ads on TV and the information in bottle-os and on pizza boxes. Do the campaign encourage you to get the facts on drinking? Be sure to tell us on our Queensland or Melbourne Facebook pages.

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