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Tough Mother

Flashback Friday

Friday, 7 February 2014

It’s pretty fair to say that we love Friday’s. There’s something wonderful and inspiring about them. Like the craziest ideas might just be crazy enough to work. Speaking of work, and crazy ideas, each Friday we will be rummaging through the SMART archives and digging up a campaign that made, and continues to make, us happy.

We wanted to start with one mother of a campaign that was to completely reinvent an energy drink that was destined for the place where fast moving small goods go once they are no longer fast nor moving. It is, of course, the original Mother TVC.

The story

Coca-Cola’s ‘old’ Mother launched at the beginning of 2007 supported by a marketing campaign of over $10 million. The result of that spend was an affirmation in the old adage that money can’t buy taste. By the end of the same year, the brand had 80% awareness and 80% rejection rate due to taste.

Our challenge was to take this awareness, along with a completely reformulated packaging and (great tasting) new product, and firstly convince people to give it another go and ultimately turn the Mother brand into a success story.

The new strategy tackled the issues head on.

In a surprisingly open and honest admission of the failings of the original product, the re-launch features an over-the-top response to the bad taste of the old Mother. This exaggerated response, inspired by a product truth that Mother now had double the energy hit of regular energy drinks was designed to drive Mother’s credentials as the credible energy drink of real men.

Within 6 weeks of SMART’s TVC going to air, Mother sold out in NSW and Queensland and has since been hailed by Coca-Cola as a ‘great success story’.

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