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Flashback Friday

Friday, 7 March 2014

The ‘breatharian’ diet has been getting a lot of media attention lately – a diet where you supposedly survive off air and light. It reminded us of two fabulously superficial individuals from our Glaceau Vitamin Water Beautiful People campaign.

Meet Johann and Kelly, two beautiful people who were so enraged by the sheer injustice of a delicious, low calorie drink that they, armed with webcams, gave the rest of us a piece of their hot people minds. Johann drinks air to maintain his chiseled abs and stunning features, and Kelly pretty much bedazzled her entire life to look the way she does. A low calorie water that tastes incredible is, like, totally unfair.

While we laugh at people like Johann, Kelly, Derek Zoolander and Ja’mie King, there’s an ugly truth buried beneath the foundation and fake tan. There is a cultural zeitgeist around the idea that looking good is feeling good, and not enough of a focus on what we put in our bodies. SMART decided it was time to level the playing field.

On TV and online, the Beautiful People campaign unveiled Glaceau’s new low calorie range, much to the disgust of breatharians, crash dieters and spray tan enthusiasts worldwide.

Kelly begged all people with a conscience to stop drinking Glaceau Vitamin Water because frankly, it’s just cheating. Johann is kind enough to educate us on correct blowdrying technique but reaffirms that if “you weren’t born beautiful and you don’t put the hard work in, you don’t deserve to be beautiful.”

Unfortunately for everyone who believes you don’t deserve to be beautiful unless you drink air, Glaceau Vitamin Water became number one in the functional water category. Maybe we finally figured out there’s more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Do you agree with Kelly and Johann? Do you know someone like them? Be sure to let us know on our Queensland or Melbourne Facebook pages.

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