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City of Gold Coast

Culture Strategy 2023

The Gold Coast is known for many things – gorgeous beaches, bikini clad women, the tallest building in Australia, surfers, Cody Simpson who sang that song once, but a thriving and diverse cultural scene probably isn’t bustling to take out the top spot on the list.

That being said, quirky hipster haunts are popping up faster than mushrooms after a storm and thanks to places like Rabbit + Cocoon, as a city, we are slowly starting to evolve beyond the meter maids of days of old and develop a new, relevant identity.

But with the 2018 Commonwealth Games fast approaching, the clock is ticking for us as a city to get ourselves together and resolve our identity crisis, something us SMARTies are extremely passionate about.

That’s what makes this year’s Culture Strategy from the City of Gold Coast particularly important. The 10-year strategy is determined to shift the reputation of the Gold Coast and establish not only our cultural diversity, but challenge perceptions and provide opportunities for change and growth for cultural development.

To do this, the strategy outlines three main catalysts to achieve the outlined vision of a city that is built on creativity and transformed by imagination.

Creative cities are smart, productive and encourage forward thinking and the strategy aims to recognise and nurture the energy and creative vision of local artists and creative industries, encourage new ideas and creative collaborations and most importantly engage the community in world class cultural experiences.

SMART was commissioned to develop a dynamic creative look and feel for the Cultural Strategy that sat within the City of Gold Coast brand guidelines that pays homage to our past but also reflects our future.

Through the use of key historical imagery and soft introduction of brand elements, we developed a series of material that demonstrated the rich Gold Coast heritage and captured the cultural heart of a city on the rise.

Take a look...

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