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Express Yourself

Flashback Friday

Friday, 4 April 2014

For Flashback Friday this week, we wanted to take a look at a product that was one of the leaders in self expression. These days, you can pretty much customise anything. From designing your own shoes on Shoes of Prey, furniture with NOMI, to personalising your Porsche, there are few limits to the concept of ownership and how we literally leave our mark.

When it comes to artistically enhanced footwear, Adidas were one of the pioneers. When the original Adidas Adicolor range was launched in 1983, they were sold as plain white sneakers with a set of colourful markers for their owners to colour, draw and tag their way to an entirely customised pair of kicks. The sneakers offered unlimited personal involvement to those who owned them and they soon achieved cult status.

In 2006 the range was relaunched. The new version included more than 40 different styles and were sold with tubes of acrylic paint, brushes and a wooden palette. It allowed for total personalisation of your sneakers, to the point where you could change their look pretty much every day.

A unique and innovative product deserved advertising equally as challenging. And that’s just what SMART created for the Australian launch, producing an outdoor campaign where the posters were as unique as the shoes.

By die-cutting the posters where the famous three stripes appeared, each poster took on the appearance of the wall surface behind it: whether it be bill posters, graffiti or brick walls.

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We just love this simple, yet effective campaign. Tell us what you want to personalise our Queensland or Melbourne Facebook pages.