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Earn Your Thirst

Flashback Friday

Friday, 9 May 2014

In the fast moving consumer goods market, it’s pretty easy to get watered down. Especially when what you’re selling is water and the market is flooded with brands offering filtered, sparkling, vitamin infused and flavoured varieties.

Puns aside, towards the end of 2009 water brands were getting a little desperate, practically begging for a place in customer’s lives. And you know what they say: sometimes, you’ve got to be a little mean to keep them keen.

SMART developed a campaign for the New Zealand market that made customers work for their Pump. The Earn Your Thirst campaign was rolled out across outdoor, print and direct mail, and asked people to cut out, complete and return a coupon for their free Pump water.

A coupon isn’t anything new, but Pump took it to the next level, asking people to return the coupon in an envelope that exactly matched the oddly shaped coupon.

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Outdoors, giant billboard coupons were cut out and names and details were scrawled on six-storey high mock coupon signage.

Thirsty, active Pump drinkers responded immediately, proving they could earn their thirst and returning coupons in creative makeshift envelopes. The campaign was so successful that Pump had to order additional promotional stock sooner than expected.

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