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I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

Flashback Friday

Friday, 13 June 2014

What do rat tails, chain wallets, slap bands, choker necklaces and bucket hats have in common?

Whether it was your questionable fashion choices, a Tamagotchi obsession or that Aqua song Barbie Girl, everyone is ashamed of something that can be blamed directly on the 90s.

In their new TVC, Chicken Tonight begs its customers to forgive them for the cringeworthy ad that appeared on screen throughout the 90s. You know the one. Mums, dads, and a suspiciously large number of sk8er boys were unable to resist the urge to break into a chicken dance to the tune of the I Feel Like Chicken Tonight jingle.

Their most recent TVC includes a cheeky flashback to their original TVC, throwing the chicken dance and jingle in the same basket as the other horrendous mistakes of the 90s.

As much as the ad and all of its 90s fashion may make us want to run and hide, thankful that iPhones and Facebook didn’t exist back then, you must admit it was pretty catchy. And now that you’ve got the jingle stuck in your head, our work here is done. 

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