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Bloody ripper campaigns

Flashback Friday

Friday, 6 June 2014

Over the years Tourism Australia has had some controversial and highly successful campaigns. One was banned in several countries, and another contributed to our reputation as prawn loving crocodile wrestlers.

We hope you enjoy this Friday’s stroll down memory lane. It’s fun to revisit old campaigns and it’s interesting to reflect on how advertising has evolved into the complex omni-channel beast it is today.


I’ll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you

Obvious shrimp/prawn accuracy errors aside, this campaign went viral before viral was a thing.

Three months after the campaign was launched, Australia rose from number 78 to number 7 on America’s list of most desired holiday locations.


So where the bloody hell are you?

The TVC featuring a bikini clad Lara Bingle was banned in not one, but two countries.

The campaign received mixed reviews but generated many hilarious parodies, including this one from The Chaser:


The Best Jobs in the World

A combined effort from Tourism Australia and the State Tourism Organisations, young travellers were invited to express their interest in six amazing jobs in six amazing areas.

The campaign showcased all that Australia has to offer young travellers. The Best Jobs included Chief Funster, Wildlife Caretaker, Park Ranger, Taste Master, Outback Adventurer and Lifestyle Photographer.

And if the job of Chief Funster wasn’t enticing enough, the successful applicants were paid a six month salary of up to $100,000. Nice.

Over 40,000 video entries were received and more than 330,000 people expressed interest from 196 countries.


There’s Nothing Like Australia

Tourism Australia needed a campaign that was flexible enough to remain relevant in the new digital environment. The campaign needed to enduring, with the potential to be evolved and updated.

The There’s Nothing Like Australia campaign was one of Australia’s largest user-generated competitions and invited Australians to share their stories and photos of their favourite domestic holidays.

An interactive map with the stories and photos attracts more than one million visitors to the site every month.


There’s nothing like Australia’s food and wine

This year the campaign shifted focus to Australia’s food and wine offering. Research revealed food and wine was a key factor for visitors choosing holiday destinations and whilst visitors were impressed by the food and wine when they were here, most international holidaymakers didn’t perceive Australia as a food and wine destination.

Introducing Restaurant Australia, where up to 80 people will travel around Australia, chronicling their foray through our country’s best wine and food regions. They will share their experiences online and through traditional media, culminating in a gala event showcasing Australia’s produce.

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Image sourced from: Island Continent