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Local Directories Rebrand

Saturday, 12 July 2014

For all its virtues, the internet can be a little like a black hole sometimes. You start off searching for a hairdresser and before you know it, you’re scrolling through a gallery of top celebrity hairstyles or researching hairdressing apprenticeships.

Local Directories is an online and hard copy regional business directory who were seeking to develop a new icon to rebrand as Local Search. The new icon needed to update and refresh their brand as they expanded into new local markets across Australia, and more accurately reflect their online offering and the unique care they take with the individual communities they service.

Local Search is about more than a search or a function. At the heart of Local Search are the individual local communities and people that they service.

SMART’s creative direction involved harnessing Local Search’s unique community focus, established through sponsorship and heavy community involvement, and developing individual market logos. What if a logo that appeared on a bus in Taree contained specific icons that represented Taree landmarks?

While the internet offers a world of results, Local Search offers results for your own little world.

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SMART developed a generic world icon for Local Search and one market logo for each local area. Each world is consistent in style however they feature unique local landmarks to distinguish each area.

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It has been an exciting transformation and we look forward to seeing it come to life over the next few months.

SMART Team: 

Creative Director: Phillippa Netolicky
Art Director: Phillippa Netolicky
Managing Director: Joe Sands
Illustrator: Gregory Baldwin
Illustrator Agent: The Illustration Room