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The cardinal rules of content marketing

Thou shall not learn the hard way

Monday, 11 August 2014

When was the last time you clicked on a banner ad? Watched TV ads in full without reaching for your phone?

While you might struggle to remember, during the Offspring ad break chances are you watched a video one of your friends shared on Facebook, or clicked on a link from your favourite page.

People are always switched on but they’re also more cynical and distracted than ever. While challenging, this presents an exciting opportunity to raise the bar of our creative offering and engage in a conversation with our target audience in a more authentic way.

Navigating the new content marketing landscape can be tricky but there are a few cardinal rules that everyone must follow.

Thou shall blog consistently and well

Blogging regularly not only has SEO benefits but can assist in establishing brand authority. Build a relationship of trust with your audience and they may turn into potential consumers. Blogging may also foster regular customers and brand advocates.

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Thou shall choose the right platform

Great content is useless if no one can find it. Find out where your audience is and publish there.

Thou shall not discount Google+

It may not have taken off yet but Google+ has great natural search benefits, so don’t leave it out of your content strategy just yet. YouTube is also owned by Google so make sure you link your YouTube account with your website and profile too.

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Thou shall be brave

Be different. Ask yourself if you would click on the content you’re producing. Is it unique? Is it valuable? Are you giving something back to your readers?

Thou shall not confuse a professional page with a personal page

Nothing undermines credibility like a personal rant on your business page. Your page should have personality but be professional and in line with your business values.

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Thou shall not overdo the sales messages

Content marketing is a pull strategy, not a push strategy. People don’t want to read sales spiels in their newsfeeds.

Thou shall support content with targeted advertising

Facebook Advertising can be carefully targeted to different audiences. Work out what types of content will appeal most to your different audiences and target accordingly.

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Thou shall use data wisely

Regularly evaluate and optimize your content marketing strategy across your channels. Content marketing requires considerable trial and error so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Thou shall not neglect thy audience

We all have that friend that only talks about themselves and for that reason, their “friend” status is questionable. The same basic rules of social interaction apply to your social media accounts.