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Jager Bombs, Turning Up and Living Loud

Flashback Friday

Friday, 8 August 2014

The end of the week has a very distinct taste.

It’s a touch of relief mixed with a dash of fatigue, a large dose of joy, with a strong after taste of possibilities. It tastes like Friday.

Friday’s glorious taste inspired this week’s Flashback Friday, a campaign we created for Jagermeister.

Most famous for being one half of the unstoppable Jager Bomb combo, Jagermeister promises wild nights and even better stories. SMART’s research revealed that Jager’s loyal brand ambassadors saw it as the ultimate party drink, a drink that cranks the volume up to level 11.

At 10pm on a Friday night, a glass of red is the drink quietly telling you to wind down from the week and Jagermeister is the drink shouting turn down for what.

Jagermeister was experiencing incredible success in the Australian market but it was clear that further growth needed to be supported by a distinguishable brand platform.

SMART literally cranked the Jagermeister brand to full volume in its Live Loud campaign.

Using high impact outdoor super sites across Australia combined with creative and trade promotions as well as digital extensions and partnerships with MTV and Planet Rock, the campaign firmly positioned Jagermeister as the essential ingredient for any big night out.

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