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AFL Fans Don't Go Quietly

Flashback Friday

Friday, 26 September 2014

In honour of the AFL Grand Final this weekend we’ve dedicated this Flashback Friday to some of the great campaigns our friends at the AFL have created.

There has been a diverse range of AFL ads over the years but most tend to draw on the unique atmosphere spectators experience at an AFL game. AFL fans are a different breed. They’re fiercely loyal, passionate fans who take the game just as seriously as the coach and players. 

1994 – I’d Like To See That

The 1994 I’d Like To See That campaign is a great example of how the AFL showcases its point of difference in a creative way.

The TVC featured prominent athletes from other sports describing elements of AFL, followed by the words “I’d like to see that.” It highlights the athletic prowess of AFL players and provided a subtle contrast to other sports through the use of the athletes.

This spot also glorified the rough physical contact, a feature that wouldn’t be seen in an ad today. #bringbackthebiff 

2009 - 150 Years Of AFL 

This ad is awesome.

Actor Bill Hunter narrates the story of “the true history of Australia”, a rather condensed version centred around AFL. Because that’s the only thing that matters, right?

The hilarious account of Australia’s history attributes significant events to football. Light bulbs were invented because people wanted to play footy at night, the Hills Hoist was the solution to onerous laundry requirements, and the mullet was created for aerodynamic purposes. Hmm. That one’s debatable.

2009 – In A League Of Its Own

The League Of Its Own campaign not-so-subtly highlighted the AFL’s point of difference by directly contrasting AFL to other popular sports.

The ad features some of the best players of the time playing footy in the middle of horse racing, basketball, boxing and even bull fighting.

It’s filled with suspense and is reflective of the emotions fans experience watching an AFL game.

2012 – It’s Us Against Them

Collingwood’s 2012 membership campaign embraced the rivalry embedded in AFL and leveraged it beautifully.

The ad positions Collingwood supporters against the haters who support “anyone who’s playing Collingwood” and transforms this energy into a strong and effective message imploring them to be “part of the fight.”

It implores supporters to be “part of the fight”, promoting the sense of belonging that comes from being a part of a football team.


2013 – Nothing Like It

To launch the 2013 season the AFL created the Nothing Like It Campaign, showcasing the reactions of people who had never experienced the game before.

In the ad people were watching from all over the world. People in caravans, on rooftops in India, in boats in the middle of the ocean were loving it. Even American football players were freaking out over AFL in the changerooms.

In addition to the priceless reactions the ad also features a remix of ACDC’s It’s A Long Way To The Shop If You Want A Sausage Roll. Wait. Those aren’t the lyrics.

2014 – Don’t Go Quietly 

For this year’s Toyota AFL Finals Series the Don’t Go Quietly campaign called on fans to show their passion for their team during the finals.

Voiced by three time premiership player Jonathan Brown and using real imagery from AFL games, the ad shows fans celebrating victories and commiserating defeats throughout the season.

Placing the fans rather than the players at the centre of the campaign, the ad showed how the atmosphere at the footy makes all the difference.

This stroll down memory lane shows how campaigns have changed over the years but also highlights how they have kept focus on why people hold AFL so close to their hearts.

With a strong emphasis on the atmosphere of the games and the unique supporter culture, each campaign provides a charming snapshot of Australian life. 

Kudos to the AFL for creating diverse and engaging campaigns, we look forward to seeing more of them in the future!