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Edible Egg Rings, Egg Puns And The Art Of Cat Bregging

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Friday, 16 January 2015

It’s a truth acknowledged amongst all breakfast lovers, led by the King of Breakfast food, Ron Swanson: Breakfast is the best meal of the day. So when we were commissioned to develop a brand strategy, creative development and content marketing strategy for a new breakfast product, we were egg-stremely egg-cited.

BreggOs Edible Egg Rings are ingenious puff pastry creations that remove the use of pesky metal egg rings and means you can quickly cook up an egg and eat it on the go. It’s an entirely new way of eating eggs, and they’re delicious (trust us, we demolished a carton at record speed).

To launch BreggOs into the market, we needed an eye catching, fun and memorable brand. As a new product, it was important to have something distinctive. Something that would stand out on the shelves. We used a vibrant yellow, playful font, exciting brand elements and pun-filled copy to create a unique and visually appealing brand. 

We created a Facebook page that rapidly gained a strong following, reaching over 1,000 fans before the product was on the market. The creation of the page saw the rise of egg puns (no pun is too corny) and the peculiar phenomenon of Cat Bregging. Now that BreggOs are in stores, they're fry-ing off the shelves. 

To emphasise BreggOs’ community focus and utility for community groups and charities, we created a brand ambassador, Eggwardo. Eggwardo is a moustached, all around great egg/guy who loves helping out members of the community. He’s egg-credibly hilarious and is a regular feature at events and on our Facebook page.

Intrigued? Check out the BreggOs website and Facebook page.

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Oh wait, and here's the packaging!

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Creative Director: Phillippa Netolicky
Art Director: Phillippa Netolicky
Social Media ManagerFiona Self
Copywriter: Jade Quinlivan & Fiona Self