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Happy Straya Day Mates

Super Aussie Ads

Friday, 23 January 2015

Crack open a VB and throw some snags on the Barbie, because it’s Australia Day weekend!

In honour of hills hoists, boxed wine, Southern Cross tattoos and this bloody great day of national pride, we thought we would take a stroll down memory lane and remember some of our favourite Aussie ads.

Louie The Fly 

With king tides and wet weather this weekend, insect activity is tipped to peak on Australia Day so this ad is a timely reminder to insect proof your celebrations.

Louie the Fly was on our screens for 50 years, acting as the ambassador for Mortein. He truly has the voice of an angel.


This catchy jingle was sung by households long before Pizza Hut invented the vegemite crust. Vegemite is a great example of a brand that has stood the test of time and become ingrained in our culture.

Aeroplane Jelly 

Speaking of catchy jingles, this one may conjure memories of childhood afternoons spent enjoying the many flavours of Aeroplane Jelly, perhaps with a chocolate frog in the pond.

Four'N Twenty Pies 

Four'N Twenty Pies are an institution. No trip to the footy is complete without one (or two) of these bad boys.

The love affair between pies and football spans decades. This ad was created even before the AFL was!

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