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What Is Real?

Real Insurance

We live in a very fortunate world where we have a lot to be proud of, and a lot to protect. But despite all of the gadgets and assets, our most treasured possession will always be family.

RARE:SMART were commissioned by Real Insurance to create a campaign that reminded notoriously under-insured Australians of the real reason we take out insurance.

We created an emotive campaign that tugs on the heart strings of real Australians, capturing simple everyday moments. A family watching a movie and sharing popcorn. Mother and daughter enjoying a cup of tea.

Moments that we too often take for granted.

The powerful ads remind customers that the real reason they take out insurance isn’t for themselves, it’s for the people that are the most important to them - their families.

The campaign will appear across TV, print, digital and radio.

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Managing Director: Callum McKenzie
Creative Director: Brett Wheeler
Group Account Director: Roxanne Tyler