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I Like The Sprite In You

Flashback Friday

Friday, 6 March 2015

In stuffy, overwhelming, awkward heat, nothing is better than a cold lemonade. As soon the chilled, fizzy bubbles hit your lips, you’re instantly relieved.

Sprite captured that moment of pure, refreshed joy in their 1989 I Like The Sprite In You campaign.

Using a signature 1980s catchy jingle, beautiful, happy people and amusing, fun situations, the campaign celebrated Sprite's bubbly brand essence. 

McCann’s new Cut Through the Heat campaign highlights Sprite’s intense refreshment, allowing you to cut through the heat in even the most awkward situations.

The series of ads portray cringeworthy awkward situations that are saved by a thirst quenching hit of Sprite.

The videos are complemented by point of sale, social, outdoor and experiential activity. A team of benevolent, lemonade bearing 'Sprite Savers' have been appearing around Australia to save Aussies from the heat with giant ‘Sprite Showers’ followed by a complimentary Sprite Zero.

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