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The Humble Chip

Flashback Friday

Friday, 1 May 2015

Potato, corn, rice or even vegetable, the humble chip is a staple of the Australian diet. It is part of every snack-based gathering around the country and a regular one here at SMART.

This week, after indulging in one, two, (ok, four) bags of chips, we have been reminiscing about some of the unforgettable ads for our favourite snack. From masterfully catchy jingles to a crazy, colourful character and a flavourful consumer invitation, these ads never fail to amuse and tempt us towards the salty, crispy bags of happiness.

Samboy: Hit Me With a Samboy Chip

What better way to start off a Flashback Friday than with Red Symons, Dermott Brereton and Tina Arena? This jingle got so annoying we wanted to hit the TV, with a Samboy chip of course.

CC's: Can't Say No

The multiple decapitated heads in this ad may be extremely disturbing, however, with such a catchy jingle and CC's galore, we just can't say no to this one.

Potato Smiths Crisps: Gobbledok

We suspect there are a few Gobbledoks in our office. Surviving on a chip-only diet, Gobbledok stole our hearts in the late 80s and became famous for the catchphrase 'chippie, chippie, chippie!' The rare species came back to our screens in 2010 and now has its own Wikipedia page.  

Potato Smiths Crisps: Do Us a Flavour

How could we forget the marvellous moment when Smiths invited chip enthuasists and connoisseurs to create their own flavour in 2009? With 314,000 flavour suggestions, the potato giant selected four tasty flavours to put on shelves for the public to taste and vote for. The creations included Caesar Salad, Buttered Popcorn, Late Night Kebab and BBQ Coat of Arms, with Caesar Salad taking out the gold.

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