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Flush Back Friday

Friday, 26 June 2015

We’ve been busting to share this Flashback Friday with you. This week, we’re talking toilets. Specifically, the potty talking commercials that worked their way up from the bottom and have changed the way people do their business.

So for ‘Flush’ Back Friday, let's pay homage to great campaigns that have transformed household commodity products into global advertising successes.

Sorbent: Folder or Scruncher

To scrunch, or to fold, that is the question. In 2006 Sorbent released a campaign that set light to a burning debate that continues to divide the nation. The ad exposes the troubles of a Folder growing up in a house of Scrunchers. Apologies in advance if this TVC causes another household argument.

Kleenex Cottonelle: Kleenex Puppy

Arguably the cutest ad of all time and certainly the cutest toilet paper ad we’ve seen. Kleenex has been tugging on heartstrings for years with this emotional global campaign. The Kleenex Puppy recently achieved  ultimate celebrity status, with replica wax figure unveiled at Madame Tussauds in London. 

Le Trèfle: Emma

The French toilet paper company Le Trèfle took a public stand against the digital revolution with their TVC “Emma”. The ad makes fun of the world’s wannabe paper-less society and reached over 25 million views on social media before its broadcast release. It seems that paper does have a great future after all.

Sorbent: Thank Goodness for Sorbent

This ad starring Matthew Krock from Hey Dad is one forever etched in our memories. Our special 'Flush' Back Friday would not be complete without it.

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