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A brand ambassador paid in cheese


Thursday, 11 February 2016

To taste and enjoy the Dodoni brand is to truly taste the essence of Greece. So SMART was asked to show how Dodoni is truly the finest Greek dairy in Australia.

How do we do this? We join forces with the finest Greek chef in Australia, the delightful Mr George Calombaris!

He’s been a passionate advocate and ambassador for Dodoni since he was a boy. In fact he loves the product so much he insisted we pay him in cheese!

No, we’re not even joking. On a shoot full of energy and passion, we captured Georges genuine enthusiasm and the result is a campaign that speaks to food lovers from where their own passions arise: their heart. 

TVC - Part A

TVC - Part B


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Executive Creative Director: Ben Davis
Art Director: Ben Davis & Katherine Parker
Writers: Andrew North & Ben Davis
Production Company: Airbag Productions Melbourne
Director: Aaron Wilson