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Perfect In Every Aspect

Grand Central Southport

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A key part of our creative development for the project Grand Central Southport with Ray White Surfers Paradise was to develop a full suite of assets, including lifestyle and location photography, view and aerial photography and 3D renders. The assets needed to communicate the iconic architecture of the building, combined with the dynamic Southport city atmosphere residents will enjoy.

The art direction across all asset creation focussed on demonstrating the contrast of lifestyle opportunities on offer, capturing the excitement of the suburb and the alluring opportunity for potential local, domestic and international purchasers.

The 3D renders and view photography brought the remarkable city and Broadwater view corridors to life, highlighting the views and outdoor features that act an extension of the apartments. 

The lifestyle photography showcased a beautiful fusion of the relaxed beach culture mixed with the distinct urban heartbeat of Southport injected with international flavours - the perfect balance of casual elegance and vibrant city pulse.

It's perfect in every aspect.


Creative Director: Phillippa Netolicky
Art Director: Jackie Dewar
Senior Account Director: Fiona Neaves
Copywriter: Fiona Self
Lifestyle Photographer: Jesse Smith

Lifestyle & Location

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Aerial and Views

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