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The Caulking Gun and the Contortionist

Monarch Mini TVC

Thursday, 16 June 2016

What do you get when you combine a caulking gun, a contortionist, and a very small box? An ad for Monarch Mini, of course. 

We were commissioned by Australian Brushware Corporation to develop a TV campaign for Monarch Mini.

Monarch Mini is a small, compact caulking gun. It's perfect for DIY projects and because it's so little, there's less waste. 

Our challenge was to communicate these benefits in a fun and memorable way. It also needed to include a contortionist. Naturally. 

We developed a TVC inspired by the everyday tool enthusiast. The men and women whose tools are their pride and joy. 

Set in an elaborate shed, the TVC features a hardware-obsessed couple who've just scored their own DIY reality show. Together they take a camera crew through their most prized possessions. 

Their favourite tool? The Monarch Mini, of course. But there's a twist. 

Watch the ad to find out.  

30 Second TVC 

15 second TVC 


Executive Creative Director: Ben Davis
General Manager: Phillippa Netolicky
Copywriters: Ben Davis/Fiona Self
Art Director: Ben Davis
Production: CAVE Studios