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Welcome to Motherland

Flashback Friday

Friday, 11 July 2014

Here at SMART, we wholeheartedly embrace individuality. Each to their own, we say. And sometimes that means you have to accept that some people’s idea of fun includes barreling down snake infested rapid rides, jumping on Tarzan swings so fierce that they bruise your eyeballs, and risking being electrocuted by a kayak.

Back in the day, the more dangerously inclined could enjoy all three experiences at Action Park in Vernon, USA. Action Park proudly wears the title of world’s most dangerous themepark and recently reopened after being shut down in 1996. Rumour has it Vernon had to recruit more ambulances to keep up with the demand coming from the “fun” park. ‘Merica.

With one of our offices based in the theme park capital of Australia, we’re pretty fond of rollercoasters but we’re quietly pleased nothing as perilous has appeared on the Gold Coast (yet).

Everyone’s idea of fun is different and as you can imagine, a man and woman’s dream theme parks would look pretty different. In 2010 SMART created a campaign for Mother that was inspired by man’s irresponsible desire for over the top action.

Motherland was created as a place conceived by men with bigger plans than they have skills. A place that wouldn’t dare quash man’s urge to act impulsively, but would nurture their energy fuelled dreams.

A place where men are free to blow stuff up, jump off ferris wheels and shoot fireworks at things.

Sound like fun?

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