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Auswide Bank

Personal Loans You'll Love Campaign

We have been working with Auswide Bank (formerly Wide Bay Australia) for over 10 years, and were recently commissioned to create an entirely digital campaign to promote their personal loans.

We wanted to take advantage of the large website remarketing audience we had established to reginite interest among existing customers whilst activating new customer leads. 

We needed to showcase the range of purposes for Auswide Bank’s personal loans and drive awareness of our competitive rate and points of difference.

During our strategic process we identified the opportunity to harness the power of non-traditional communication and create a campaign that cut through the banking jargon and spoke the same language as our target audiences.

The result was the ‘Personal Loans You’ll Love’ campaign that used custom emojis accompanied by concise, punchy copy to connect with a younger target audience, specifically millennials. 

The campaign ran across social, PPC and remarketing as well as on the Auswide website.

Results are still being collected but at the time of writing, the campaign generated 410 sales leads, including those from markets Auswide were not previously active in. 

PPC and remarketing resulted in 1,189 people clicking through to the Auswide website.

Campaign Creative

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Campaign Landing Page

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