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BreggOs Edible Egg Rings

Brand Strategy, Creative Development & Content Marketing

If you’ve ever used metal egg rings, it’s safe to assume you never want to use them again. They seem impossible to clean and you can only cook so many eggs as you have rings.

BreggOs Edible Egg Rings is a new product designed to remove the hassle and offer a new way of eating eggs: with your hands, in a tasty puff pastry casing.

We were commissioned to create a brand strategy, creative development and content marketing strategy plus provide ongoing community management and asset creation for this egg-citing new brand.

Such an innovative product needed something equally unique. Something different. Something egg-straordinary.

The creative direction used a vibrant colour palette to achieve eye-catching and intriguing packaging on shelves, especially next to those boring egg cartons. Dynamic brand elements, including a brand ambassador Eggwardo, further enhanced the uniqueness and personality of the brand.

The content marketing strategy involved creating a fun and interesting page with a diverse range of content, including egg puns, recipes, tips, tricks and information about when BreggOs would be landing on shelves at stores. Quality content and highly targeted Facebook advertising helped the page gain over 1,000 followers before launch and many interested users enquiring about BreggOs and sharing their own egg puns and breggfast creations.

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