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Making Money Happen

Business Fuel Rebrand

Business Fuel is a business loans provider, providing fast loans to small to medium businesses. An alternative to traditional lending, Business Fuel provides an easy online application process and quick turnaround for a range of businesses and loan purposes.

Our task was to give the brand a complete refresh; keeping the name but reworking the positioning and overall brand look and feel to ignite growth in enquiry and allow for the development of more targeted advertising and a clever use of the digital marketing budget. 

A challenger brand in every sense, Business Fuel needed to take a strong position in contrast to the big banks and, indeed, all banks.

We developed a distinct, unique brand personality and bold look and feel, using orange, black and an evolution of the previous graphic flame device to develop a brand that spoke to the positioning statement, Making Money Happen. 

Making Money Happen, the manifesto and overall brand tone aligned Business Fuel with the values of small to medium sized businesses. Business Fuel believes in these businesses’ potential and cuts-through the traditional red tape and jargon of financial institutions that tends to frustrate business owners.

We also developed a hero video asset unique to the category that we could use to make the digital marketing strategy work harder for the brand.

We are continuing to develop a series of segmented landing pages, display ads and eDMs for specific loan types - for example, hospitality and retail - to maximise our media spend and provide a more relevant experience for customers.

60s Video

Brand Development 


Digital Assets 

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Executive Creative Director: Benjamin Davis
Account Director: Sarah Jacobs
Art Director: Jackie Dewar
Copywriters: Benjamin Davis/Fiona Self
Designers: Edward King and Eleni Lambis
General Manager: Phillippa Netolicky