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Park Avenue

Brand Strategy & Creative Development

Boasting one Australia’s pre-eminent universities and exciting opportunities for both domestic and international business, Canberra’s fast becoming more than just our nation’s political heartland. Year on year rental growth in the City has created a thriving environment for property developers.

Commissioned by Morris Property Group, we developed a name, creative solution, strategy and media schedule for their new Canberra development. As we delved into our nation’s great capital, we were swept up by stories of the City and the lifestyle that residents of this project will be immersed in. A brilliant mix of the things you can easily describe and ‘tick’ off a list, and the things that you can’t be sure of, until you feel it. When the tangible and intangible combine, something brilliant happens. Something or somewhere special is created. And in our heart, it takes... A pride of place.

The name, Park Avenue, derives from this truth. Eliciting a feeling of urban sophistication, combined with the unrivalled amenity of City living. This juxtaposition is communicated throughout all creative elements, with a geometric pattern inspired by the shape of Lake Burley Griffin at their core. Further strengthening the pride of place narrative.



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