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Rackley Swimming

Branding and Website Development

Growing up in Australia, every person has fond memories of the water. Days spent at the local pool, afternoons at school swimming carnivals, and holidays splashing around at the beach. Swimming lessons are an incredibly important part of a child’s development and that’s where Rackley Swimming comes in.

Rackley Swimming has 15 swimming schools across South East Queensland. A family run business, they pride themselves on delivering a high quality of swimming lessons with an unparalleled level of care.

We were commissioned to develop new branding, strategy, marketing materials, website and social platforms that reinvigorated Rackley Swimming as an iconic Australian brand. It needed a look and feel and tone that had cut-through in the market. It needed to exude professionalism while still being relatable, maintaining the authenticity and history of the brand.

Our creative direction used emotive imagery and illustrative brand elements rich in vibrancy to capture the special and unique moments swimming lessons provide. The bold visual language is complemented by the overarching inclusive tone to create a brand is supporting, caring and fun.

Our core strategy is based on driving relevant location based content directly to our audiences through our digital channels including the website, social media, remarketing banners and PPC.  The website was built with a key brand based website and 15 location based microsites allowing our advertising to navigate to the most relevant destination.

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