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Sandbar Burleigh

Brand Strategy & Creative Development

Loved by visitors and adored by locals, there’s something for everyone in Burleigh Beach – the Gold Coast’s original oasis. As a result, Burleigh has solidified itself as one of the GC’s premier real estate hot spots, creating exciting opportunities for property developers.

Our client, Morris Property Group, appointed us to develop a name, creative solution, strategy and media schedule for their new Burleigh development.

There’s something about Burleigh. You feel it in the way the light hits the horizon. The way it breaks through the Norfolk pines. The way joggers chase the sunrise as surfers seek the perfect wave. The way it affords you the opportunity to truly live the life. The name, Sandbar, is inspired by this lifestyle. An embodiment of Burleigh’s perception as a small oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of the rest of the coast. While each piece of collateral, from the rising run logo right through to the sand-textured brochure, captures the true feeling of living the light and life in Burleigh.

Sandbar launched mid November 2017 and has a significant number of enquiries.



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