Brand Strategy & Creative Development

With its old Gold Coast charm and its location to some of the regions finest amenity, Bilinga is the perfect representation of contemporary Gold Coast lifestyle. As a result, the town is fast becoming a spectacular place to live and invest. 

The Lacey Group appointed us to develop a name, creative solution and strategy for their new, luxurious property development on Bilinga’s beachfront.

Bilinga’s charm can be found in its unique and contrasting lifestyle. Where it’s appeal of nostalgia provides a gateway to its confident, optimistic and distinctive future.

A future where we truly live in and experience every moment; now & forever.

For the name of the property, we took inspiration from the south’s rich surfing history, along with the modernity and sophistication that is contemporary Gold Coast. ‘Southbreak’, conjuring up notions of familiarity and a refined sense of luxury, clearly speaks to our poignant and purposeful ‘now & forever’ mantra.

To create an elegant and artistic feel throughout all brand assets, black and white photography and slightly de-saturated colour imagery were introduced. These elements, along with copy that crafted a unique look at ‘time’, helped us to truly highlight the ideals of nostalgia that’s integral to our brand’s campaign strategy.


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Southbreak Brochure



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Southbreak Lifestyle

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