ZINC Kirra

Brand Strategy & Creative Development

We were commissioned to develop a creative, naming and branding solution for a new apartment building in Kirra, Gold Coast.

The building itself was going to have a nostalgic, quintessentially Gold Coast look and feel and the creative solution needed to have the same fusion of contemporary and nostalgia. It needed to speak to Kirra’s continuing transformation into a trendy, vibrant and popular suburb and resonate with owner-occupiers and investors.

The name, Zinc, speaks to the sun-filled, blissful and wondrous memories of holidays past, a theme that was woven throughout all of the creative. Using a retro colour palette and unique photographic and design treatment, we created a nostalgic, beautiful creative style. A filmic grade and over-exposed images with light leaks was applied to photography and a Super 8 Film camera was used for the video to further enhance the nostalgic feel. The copy was personal and intimate, using the positioning ‘Forever Together’ to speak to the brilliant life those who will live at Zinc will be afforded.

The project was launched mid-July and was well-received in the market, with 25 sales as of October.



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Sales Display

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